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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Writer's Take on Trigun: The Moriarty Method (Writing Tip)


"The Moriarty Method" comes from the Sherlock Holmes stories. In them, we see that Sherlock is a genius sociopath who has super human capabilities when it comes to solving crimes. He's cool precisely because he's so exceptionally gifted. At the starting of his story, we get to see him solve case after case, but then someone shows up who is equal to or better than Sherlock: Moriarty.

His appearance takes the story to the next level.


Trigun uses this same method. For half the series we are following Vash around and witnessing his wicked skills. He's bested by no one. Until Legato shows up. That may be my favorite episode in the series, because the transition from light-hearted to dark is so stark. It's like a shiver. It open the door to a bunch of new questions for us as audience members.

Then, when Vash fights Dominique, we get to see someone best him. It's kind of crazy.


Because we saw so much of Vash having the upperhand at the starting of the series, it’s shocking when we meet someone else who’s superior or equal to him, like Legato and Dominique. Those villains and scenes wouldn't have had the same impact if we hadn't seen how talented Vash was first.

So this is another little plotting technique you can add to your arsenal.

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