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Editing Services

Sometimes, I do freelance editing on the side for short stories and novels in addition to my regular work. I have the most experience with fantasy and science fiction, but I'm often open to other genres. I have edited middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction. I don't do erotica or stories with excess graphic content (sorry). Whether or not I can edit your work often depends largely on my schedule.

Content and Line Editing

Content editing and line editing are both what they sound like. For content, I focus on the content of the story, things like story structure, plot, and character arcs; I'll provide feedback on what works, what doesn't, and how to take it to the next level. For line editing I go through the manuscript line by line, checking sentence structure, grammar, and style.

I charge $25 per hour and ask for a $500 - $800 deposit to save your spot and to cover some of my hours when I get started. The deposit is refundable 61+ days before the reservation. If you cancel 31-60 days before the date, you will have half refunded. 30 days or less and none of the deposit will be refunded.

If you are interested in my services, you can contact me at SeptemberCFawkes[at]gmail[dot]com. Send me the first five pages of your work in standard manuscript format (see below) as a sample, telling me the genre, length, and what kind of edit you are looking for. If I can fit you into my schedule, I will edit those pages to come up with an estimate (and to see if my work suits you).

Standard Manuscript Format

Standard manuscript format is 12 pt. Courier or Courier New font with spacing "exactly 24pt" or double-spaced. Chapter headings and titles start on the seventh line down. Margins should be 1" and text aligned left, with the first line of paragraphs at .5" (to save your future formatter a headache, don't use the tab). Please put name/title/page# on the right header.

For scene breaks, use # instead of a blank line. Traditionally, italics should be underlined instead, but if you want to leave them in italics, I personally don't have a problem with that, as long is it's consistent.

Don't use Word's ellipses symbol. An ellipses should have a space between each period. Instead of using Word's em dash symbol, denote em-dashes with --

This is the traditional way to format manuscripts; however when submitting your work, always check the publication's, editor's, or agent's submission guidelines.

Standard manuscript format maintains an average of 250 words per page, which helps with estimates. If you have an 80k manuscript, I know that it will be about 320 pages or more (because of spacing). I need standard manuscript formatting to help me price your edit.

Please send your work in a Microsoft Word file.

* With all my editing services, keep in mind that this is your story, not mine. Any suggestions I make are simply that, editorial suggestions. Ultimately, your story should fit your vision and be a reflection of you. I strongly believe in providing both positive and negative feedback--not because I'm trying to stroke your ego or get a bigger paycheck--but because it is just as important to know what is working as it is to know what isn't. I aim to help you fully harness your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses, providing not only advice on the manuscript itself, but ideas on how you, the writer, can take your writing to the next level.


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