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Content Editing In content editing (also called developmental editing), I analyze the larger parts of the story, identifying and providing suggestions for weaknesses and possible ideas to take strengths to the next level. This may include such aspects as plot, characters, setting & worldbuilding, theme, and structure. It also may contain more specific elements, like subtext, context, audience experience and appeal, relationships, and narrative pacing. This edit focuses on what the story is.

Line Editing – In line editing, I go through the manuscript line by line, evaluating the way the story is written and looking at such things as descriptions, dialogue, blocking, flow, line-by-line continuity, specificity, clarity in meaning, sentence structure, word choice, and how accurately the writer is communicating to the reader. I will consider how the writer can communicate more powerfully. I may also watch for grammatical issues and reoccurring punctuation problems. This edit focuses on how the story is told.

Manuscript Evaluation – In a manuscript evaluation, I will simply read through the manuscript and give overall, general feedback in an editorial letter. I will talk about how both the story and writing can be improved. This is quicker and more budget friendly than my content edit, but not as deep.

Pricing: $28 per hour

For all information on my editing services--including testimonials--please visit FawkesEditing.com

Contact: SeptemberCFawkes[at]gmail[dot]com

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