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Developmental Editing In developmental editing (also called content editing), I analyze the larger parts of the story, and give feedback and guidance on aspects such as characters, plot, setting & worldbuilding, theme, and structure. I may also cover other elements, like subtext, context, audience experience and appeal, relationships, and narrative pacing. This edit focuses on what the story is.

Line Editing – In line editing, I go through the manuscript and evaluate the way the story is written, looking at such things as descriptions, dialogue, blocking, flow, line-by-line continuity, specificity, clarity in meaning, sentence structure, word choice, and how accurately the writer is communicating to the reader. I will consider how the writer can communicate more powerfully. I may also watch for grammatical issues and reoccurring punctuation problems. This edit focuses on how the story is told.

Light vs. Heavy: I now offer two types of line editing: light or heavy. In light line editing, I will go through the MS and give general guidance and direction, with some examples. In heavy line editing, I will literally comb the lines, sentence by sentence. Light line editing can be paired with developmental editing. Heavy line editing can't. I only take on a limited amount of heavy line editing.

Manuscript Evaluation – In a manuscript evaluation, I will simply read through the manuscript and give overall, general feedback in an editorial letter. I will talk about how both the story and writing can be improved. This is quicker and more budget friendly than my content edit, but not as deep.

Consultation Calls  If you are struggling with a story or need guidance on the craft, and prefer to talk it out, we can set up a consultation call. I'll listen to your troubles and thoughts and provide real time feedback (and if necessary, a follow-up email with resources for you).

For all information on my editing services please visit FawkesEditing.com.

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