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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birthday Giveaway!!! Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Hobbit, Trigun, FMA

(This giveaway is now closed)

Fun fact: the more birthdays you have, the longer you live.

Today is my birthday! Yay!! I'm older than I've ever been!

To celebrate, I'm doing a pick-your-prize giveaway, where the winner gets to pick an item from one of my favorite stories. These are a few of my favorite things: Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Hobbit (but more than that, Lord of the Rings), Trigun, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I tried to find a cool Hunger Games thing to giveaway, but had no luck.

Here's what the winner gets to pick from:

  • Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace (Need a few extra minutes? No problem!)
  • Trigun Decal (Meyaaaw)
  • A key to 221b Baker Street--who wouldn't want that ;) --key chain, so you can entertain Sherlock when he's bored.
  • (followers' favorite) Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch (become a dog of the military)
  • The Ring from The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings (Renders you invisible. Side effects include fleeing for you life from Ring-wraiths)
  • A Dark Mark temporary tattoo (Become a Death Eater . . . temporarily)
  • One of my favorite writing resources The Emotion Thesaurus. Learn how every mood is expressed physically, internally, mentally, and how it is suppressed, then learn how to write it! (This is an ebook copy, no a physical copy.) (I use this book almost every week.)

Is this an international giveaway? Yes! And no. It depends on what item you want, so if you win and you don't live in the U.S.A., we'll chat about it.

Here's how to enter (finally!)

**You must be a friend/follower to win

Like or share the giveaway post on Facebook. Do both to enter twice. (Make sure when you share that it's set to "public" so that I can see that you shared it.)

Retweet this tweet on Twitter or reply to it telling me what prize you would pick. Do both to enter twice.

Like or Reblog this post on Tumblr. Do both to enter twice.

Comment on this blog post, telling me what prize you would pick if you won. (must be a follower of this blog)

So, you can enter up to seven times.

(Please note I reserve the right to change prizes if for some reason the item becomes unavailable.)

Winner will be selected March 23rd via random number generator.

That's it! But please, do something fun today because it's my birthday.


  1. I'm torn between the Trigun decal and the Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watch! Such beautiful detail in the latter and such fun memories from the former!

  2. I'm town between the time turner necklace and the FMA pocket watch (as well haha) because theyre both so gorgeous. Full Metal alchemist is my favorite anime... But Harry potter.... Hrmm..

  3. Oh, I didn't see that key the first time round. I'd probably pick the 221B key or the time turner necklace. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! I would love to win the Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watch! Make sure you do something fun today too.

  5. I love the Sherlock key and the FMA watch... everything is so cool, though!
    Happy birthday!

  6. I'd choose the time turner necklace! Happy birthday

  7. Hum I like them all and same with Emma. So maybe we would chat on which one would be the best if we get picked.

  8. That pocketwatch is sweet! I'd take that . . . or the Doctor's key for my teenage Whovian.

  9. Love the pocket watch! The emotion thesaurus would be great too.

  10. I would love the time turner or 221B!

  11. Happy birthday!!
    DEFINITELY the Time Turner Necklace :D Thank you for the giveaway!!

  12. I'd pick the Fullmetal Alchemist pocket watch! Happy Birthday and thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Happy Birthday first off.
    I can't imagine when I would ever use the decal, and my FMA pocket watch broke, so if I win that is what I would like.


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