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Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's not Worth Quitting Over

Today I'm here to simply tell you: it's not worth quitting over.

Frustrated with whatever you are working on? It's not worth quitting over.

People making fun of you and whatever you're doing? It's not worth quitting over.

Suffering from writer's block? It's not worth quitting over.

Having a bad day? Having a bad life? It's not worth quitting over.

Accumulating stigmas? It's not worth quitting over.

Whatever is hampering you from reaching your goals, guess what? It's not worth quitting over.

It's not.

You can quit for other reasons, like a change in interest, a better opportunity, a switch in priorities, but don't quit just from being hampered.

That slump you get stuck in writing, or that lady down the street who thinks what you're doing is stupid, or the awful day you're having--don't give any of those enough power to make you quit. Don't give them the satisfaction of seeing you quit. They aren't worth you throwing away your goals and dreams. They probably wouldn't even care if you did.

So when it gets tough, just take a breath, pull yourself together, and keep going.

And remember, it's not worth quitting over.

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