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Friday, May 9, 2014

Win a Signed Copy of Ender's Game! Leave a Comment to Enter!

This giveaway is now closed.

I'm giving away a signed copy of Ender's Game! For a chance to win, just comment on this post! (Please note, you must be a follower of mine--either on Facebook, Twitter, TumblrGlipho, Google+, or this blog--to be eligible to win).

I am happy to ship outside of the U.S.A. if you will cover the shipping costs.

You can enter more times by liking this Facebook post, retweeting this tweet, liking and/or reblogging my Tumblr post, commenting on my Glipho post, or +1 this Google post--that means if you do all of that, you can enter to win seven times!

The winner will be selected in 2 weeks!

How I'll Pick the Winner

I will assign a number to each person who enters and use Random Number Generator to select a winner.

In the future, I'll try to bring something back to give away every time I go to a writing conference.


  1. First SF book I read and did a report for in school. Would be nice to have. :)

  2. Wow this would be amazing to win

  3. FOR THE REPUBLIC! Er Dragon Army! Count me in!

  4. Got all seven!! BUAHAHHAHA!!!!

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