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Friday, February 1, 2013

Stave Off Self Sabotage

Here's a truth: sometimes we as human beings sabotage ourselves. We keep ourselves from reaching our goals. We hold ourselves back. We talk ourselves down. Sure, not everyone's dreams come true in life, but too often we're the ones that stop ourselves short.

There are some people who literally lack the opportunities to reach their potential. Factors outside their control hinder their abilities. Many victims of worldwide atrocities, such as those in Death Camps, didn’t even have the chance to even try themselves. People who live in poverty might not have those opportunities either.

If you’re like me, you’re blessed enough not to have those road blocks. The difficulties that threaten to stop me from moving forward are usually internal. While they can be hard to handle, we shouldn’t let them stop us from accomplishing our goals. Let’s not be the force that causes us to fail. We have more opportunities and more freedoms than many of our ancestors (and even people alive today) had. And we shouldn’t waste them just because of our own personal blocks.

Sometimes we give up on goals too easily. We give up on our painting because it’s not as good as Michelangelo’s. Or we give up on making it as a writer because it’s difficult. We fail to pursue our desires because we’re insecure, scared, frustrated, lacking faith, hate public speaking, are horrible with oils, or don’t know what the heck a coma splice is.

Don’t let these things stop you.

Remember, everyone has a starting. Even Michelangelo had to learn his colors. Strive to not sink into self-doubt and despair—and even if you do, keep going, because there is someone out there who thinks you can succeed.

Work to overcome your shortcomings. Defeat your flaws. Reach your potential.

I once had a classmate in college tell us, “If you aren’t good enough, you can become good enough.” He said it with such conviction that I’ve never forgotten it.

So whatever you are pursuing in your life, make sure you don’t sabotage yourself. Out of everything that can stop us from reaching our goals—war, famine, poverty, atrocities—let’s not let ourselves be one of them.

Announcements: I had the pleasure of doing a guest post for another fellow writer Lindzee Armstrong. I wrote a writing tip on starting scenes. Go over to her blog to read it.

Also, in the blogging world, James Duckett interviewed me for his blog here. And Diann T. Read posted my guest Kick on her blog that you can read here.


  1. Kami you rock! Your blog is amazing and it looks like you've had some awesome opportunities in a lot of areas. I'm planning to check out some of your other posts (esp the writing tips ones, as soon as I can scratch this writing itch) and links. This post was amazing. Please keep it up!

  2. Thanks Micki! And thanks for commenting :)

  3. Good points. I would go further and say that only ignorance of your own potential is an external road-block. Everything else can be overcome.

  4. Wow, way to sum everything up. Well put.


    Every writer should have that emblazed on the wall above their computer.

    Great post.

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