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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Publishing Stories: Westward Quarterly

Hey everyone,

Good news. My poem "In the Corner of the Library" was published in the Winter 2013 edition of Westward Quarterly.

My friend suggested the literary journal to me, so I sent some of my poems over. The editor was great to work with, and it was fun getting an acceptance letter back from them (who doesn't like that?).

I wrote "In the Corner of the Library" during the last week of classes one semester in college. I was really conscious of everyone scurrying to get their mounds of schoolwork done, and I thought it was interesting that although I didn't personally know most of the students, we were somehow connected through our goals. "In the Corner of the Library" was originally published the following semester in The Southern Quill.

If you write poetry, you might want to check out Westward Quarterly here. (By the way, the Winter 2013 edition is only available in print.)

I have a few other poems out, so hopefully I will have more success stories to share.


  1. While researching for an article, I came upon this post. Oddly enough, I began WestWard Quarterly many years ago, and when I couldn't publish it anymore, I passed it along to the current publisher and editor. What a small world!

    1. Really? Wow! A small world indeed! It's crazy that I did this post seven years ago! Time flies!


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