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*September C. Fawkes was named Kami McArthur up until she reached her final form in 2014

The Reputable
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"Kami McArthur is a Young Adult writer to watch. Her works are witty, fresh, and skillfully crafted. Kami’s ability to draw readers in with her intriguing plotlines and life-like characters is a talent held by few others and, as such, she is sure to be a future best selling author."
Trisha Haber, Owner, The Writer's Desk; English Instructor, Utah State University

"As an instructor, and a professional creative writer myself, I immediately recognized talent and great potential in Kami’s work…. Kami’s work shows a thoughtfulness concerning image and scene that is refreshing and beautiful. Her excellent knack for depiction and description immediately raised the bar for other[s]. While many writers may be able to effectively use such descriptive techniques, only the very best can do so while also masterfully utilizing sound device and literary technique. Kami’s ability in all of these areas marks her work as more than simply entertaining writing; but further suggests her literary potential."
Chelsi Sutton-Linderman, Poet; Creative Nonfiction Writer

"Kami McArthur is the most gifted young writer I have encountered in some time. Her prose and style are exquisite; her storylines, enticing; her character development, second to none. She possesses, in full, the most valued resource of any successful writer: a burning passion for the craft. As she continues to hone her considerable skills, she will undoubtedly make a name for herself in the world of fiction."
Timothy Williamson, Freelance Writer

"From the first paragraph, the short story 'Shadows,' by Kami McArthur, grips the reader’s hand tightly and pulls them into a world of terrifying, otherworldly creatures set against the innocence of childhood. McArthur’s ability to weave enthralling fantasy tales and create instant emotional connections between her readers and her characters shows up once again in this amazing tale of a little girl just trying to get home safely. Every story McArthur writes creates a world so different from reality yet so real that it leaves an indelible mark on the reader’s imagination. The monster haunted world of Kami McArthur’s 'Shadows' has definitely left its mark on me."
Nova Electra Wahl, Creative Director, The Southern Quill

"I've always been impressed with Kami's writing. She has the most vivid descriptions and chooses great metaphors to help the reader paint a good picture of her character's setting. Her dialogue is engaging and the tension makes readers care for the characters. Most of all, I love Kami's wit and humor throughout her writing."
James Duckett, Fiction Writer, Blogger

"Over the last 14 years, I have worked with thousands of students in the college classroom. Few have left as strong—and favorable—an impression on me as Kami McArthur.

"Altogether, I had Kami as a student in ten classes at Dixie State College. From the start, Kami distinguished herself, enlivening class discussions and workshops with her insightful observations about her peers’ work. She produced a pair of outstanding short stories for the course, as well, one of which was eventually published. I watched Kami excel in other writing courses, as well, turning out marvelous works of fiction and nonfiction alike.

After serving initially as a fiction editor [on The Southern Quill], Kami became the publication’s managing editor and oversaw the production of the 2011 edition of the Quill—arguably the best in the journal’s 50-year history. In this role, Kami not only supervised the selection process and the journal’s layout and design but also coordinated several well-attended public readings."
Stephen B. Armstrong, Ph.D., Professor of English, Dixie State University of Utah

People on the Web
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