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Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Annual Advent Calendar for Writers Starts Now! 14+ Giveaways

What's better than holidays?
What's better than presents?
What's better than writing?

Holidays, presents, AND writing.

The Advent Calendar for Writers Giveaway is back at Writers Helping Writers, meaning there’s over $2000 worth of writerly prizes up for grabs.

Angela and Becca hold this Advent event every year so you may have checked it out before. If you’re new to it, how it basically works is this: 

Visit this post each day between Dec. 1st & Dec. 14th.

Look for the Advent Window graphic & click it.

Discover an amazing prize that you can enter to win!

A new giveaway will be unlocked until all the giveaways are opened, and then you have until December 19th to enter. So head over and try to win yourself something amazing!

Spoiler alert:

Make sure to visit on Dec. 5th (this Sunday) because I’ve got something in the giveaway, too ... and you are going to want to win it!

P. S. Next time I'll be sharing a writing tip on working with protagonists who already have what they want or who don't have a clear goal (contrary to popular opinion, you can get pretty far into the story with a protagonist who doesn't have a strong, driving want, so I'm excited to talk about that). 


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