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Friday, January 20, 2017

Sherlock Season 4 Thoughts (Spoilers)

I'm still dying from the awesomeness of Sherlock. I've been super busy the last couple of weeks, but I just had to take time to jot down something about the latest season. </3 Even if I don't have much time to polish it. It is what it is. ;)

Here are some of my raw Sherlock thoughts for season 4:

- This is still the best bromance of our day. The show does a great job of including high highs and low lows between Sherlock and John, which is just one of the reasons that their friendship is so powerful. It's the contrast of extreme emotions that give depth to their bond and strength to their personal understandings.

- Mary. Okay, I heard she may have died in the original stories (it's ambiguous, so they say), but I was not expecting it to happen so soon! What?! And the rift it creates! Stab my heart! Poor John. And Sherlock. And Rosie. And Mary. (And even Mrs. Hudson)

- Culverton Smith--AMAZINGLY CREEPY. He might be my favorite villain, but it's so difficult to pick just one. And Toby Jones was per-fection! Aack! That episode was SO well done. And the subtext in it (and this whole show) is freaking amazing. Seriously, anyone who wants to study great subtext needs to go study that episode. The hospital scene with the kids was great. And the word, "anyone"--perfectly creepy! All the acting was amazing in this episode. And the dialogue--so great!

- Redbeard. Was a human. I DID NOT see that coming. And do you know why I didn't see that coming??? Because it's never been done before!! I've never seen that twist in a story. 10 points to the writers. Redbeard was a human.

- And now Sherlock's character makes so much sense!! No wonder Euros was supposedly responsible for everything he is. After "Redbeard," it was too painful to have any more friends. He became so obsessed with solving cases because he could never solve the first one. He strove to become more logical to be like his siblings and tried to divorce emotion out of everything.

- Which is what is so great about this series! Sherlock's entire character growth, from the beginning of the show until now is really a return to his true self. And, and, and . . .

- even though Mycroft is smarter than him and Euros smarter than both of them, it was *emotional context* that the smartest among them lacked and yet yearned for. In the end, Sherlock is the strongest because he *has* feelings. Love and pain and frustration and enthusiasm. He does care. (BTW, Mrs. Hudson's rant about that was perfect and amazing and so well done! and Mycroft was *clueless*--perfection)

- I like how Mycroft's way of dealing with Euros was to lock her away (with really good reason), but in the end, Sherlock, who is hurt most, offers her his love.

- The theme of being human--uugh! The way they turned that from being a theme about Sherlock, to a theme about John was killer. People can say what they want about the writers of this show, but they've got serious skill.

- The scene where Sherlock has to get Molly to say she loves him was another home run for me. And the fact she can't say it, because it's true---uugh, it was so right and so good! And she asks Sherlock to say it first, like he means it. And at the end of the phone call, he loses it and completely destroys her casket. I'm pretty pro-Molly and Sherlock, so that scene was amazing--amazingly complicated. People don't like that that wasn't resolved at the end, but I figure it will be explored in season 5.

- When Sherlock is asked to shoot either Mycroft or John, and Mycroft tries to be a jerk about it--not to really be a jerk, but to try to get Sherlock to shoot him. Beautiful use of context and subtext and characterization.

- Euros means "east wind"--a story that was referred to three times in the last episode of the LAST season, including Mycroft saying, "An east wind is coming." So much amazing foreshadowing.

- And of course, the adorable glimpses of Sherlock and Watson with Rosie.

- And all the adorable kids. I love how Mycroft was chubby and eating food! And when he saw the home video as an adult, he smiled.

- And holy Mrs. Hudson! She was awesome in this season.

- There was one thing I would have liked to have seen, but the writers didn't go that direction, and I'm okay with that I guess. But Euros pretended to be two people who had very personal relationships with John--someone part of an affair, and a therapist. I figured Euros was really setting herself up to use John. She got all that private information about him. I thought for sure she was going to use that in some way. And when you find out she can reprogram people--she could have totally used that on John, and it would have been awesome, and it would have been a bit of a parallel to how she destroyed "Redbeard," so I'm a little sad the writers didn't go that direction. But that's okay. You can only go so many directions in a three-episode season, and I respect their decisions.

Still, it would have been great arsenal.

But now I think Euros was really just playing with her brother and his best friend, like she had always wanted to.

Right now they want to do a season 5, but now that the actors are so busy, we'll see if it actually happens. Really though, I'd pick Sherlock's character over Dr. Strange any day, personally. In fact, I think Sherlock and Watson are Benedict's and Martin's best roles.


  1. Ahhhh...it was a great season, for sure! And after reading your thoughts, I want to watch it again. Thank you, Septemeber!

    1. Yes, truly great :):) and . . . I'm watching the whole series again now haha.

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