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Monday, February 8, 2016

Resurrected Vlog (She LIVES!!)

Hello everyone! In case you missed the memo, I restarted my vlog and audio writing tips--and I even got a new camera and learned how to make them not so boring! Yay! I'm hoping to update them once or twice a month, and I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to me on Youtube (you don't need a Youtube account, just a gmail address). These are perfect for those who enjoy my writing tips, but would rather watch or listen to them instead of read them. (Or for anyone who wonders what I sound like in the real world, or anyone who missed my earlier writing tips and would like to get them.)

Here are two of my new videos! (If you are an email subscriber, sorry, but videos don't work in the emails. :( You can go to my Youtube page or read this post on my webpage. Cheers.)

And here is my audio page on SoundCloud. For those who don't know, SoundCloud is like a Youtube for audio. You can download their free app and listen to someone (me) tell you cool writing tips, or you can listen to someone (me) tell you interesting writing tips. Again, someone (it's me) would love any follows or subscriptions.

I will not be posting each new video or audio as its own blog post on here, but I will be mentioning when I have a new one up on my social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+

I may or may not include vlogs on nonwriting things--haven't decided yet, but not all my posts on here are tips so . . .

Thank you guys for being awesome!

Next week, be ready to learn about moving from being a beginning writer to a more advanced one, and in the future, I'll be putting a post all about profanity and writing up.


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