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Monday, August 17, 2015

Get My Writing Tips on Youtube :)

I know not everyone has time to read my blog posts, so now you can listen to me read them to you! ;) Or, tell you my writing tips, rather. And you can learn about writing when you are driving, cleaning, painting, exercising, eating, or skydiving!

Listen on Youtube

I'm in the process of putting them up, and I plan to upload a video twice a month.

I started with full-on video, but it was too time consuming to make, so now I've switched to just audio (with a still picture). This works better for a few reasons.

If you like my blog or Youtube, please Subscribe. All you need to do that is a gmail account.

Happy listening!

P.S. I found two four-leaf clovers over the weekend! Luck is coming my way :D


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