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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Short Announcement: I Finished My First Draft!

Yes, the post about Hobbiton, New Zealand is coming, but I wanted to share that I finished the first draft of my novel today! And I'm so happy with it as a first draft.

Lots of potential. Lots of areas to strengthen.

I can't wait to start editing.

To celebrate, I went out and ate at one of my all-time favorite places: Cafe Rio.

Right now the manuscript sits at about 131,800 words. For comparison, the third Harry Potter book is 107,253 words, and the fourth is 190,637 words. But I'm going to do a lot of condensing and of course, make a lot of changes as I mold it to match what's really in my head.

I love getting the first draft done because the story only gets better from here! (Note that I never said easier.)

So, if you need an excuse to go out to a show, to throw a party, or eat some chocolaty dessert, you can totally use the completion of my first draft as an excuse. You are just celebrating on my behalf.

In other news, I fulfilled my dream of being a guest on a podcast! I always imagined that happening after I had a few novels out. . .

Anyway, I haven't listened to it because everyone hates listening to her own voice, right? But if you want to, you can right here. It's about social media in the writing world. I think we covered some valuable points.

Also, my sister-in-law Shallee McArthur did this post on beginning writing vs. bad writing—and there is a difference. I loved it so much, I'm linking to it. Read it here.

Thanks. And don't forget to go party.


  1. Totally went to Zupas tonight. All in your honor, of course. ;)

  2. Congrats it is always a good feeling when you get that first draft done then you can finally start to make your baby shine.

  3. WAHOO!! Finishing that first draft often feels like crossing the finish line of a marathon to me. And I totally go to Cafe Rio too :)

  4. Congrats on finishing your first draft!


  5. Good Job! That's a big deal, I'm glad you celebrated.

  6. Congratulations! I just finished my draft a few days ago too and know exactly the sense of relief and excitement and accomplishment all rolled into one.

    Go Kami!

  7. Thank everyone! :) (M. R. Buttars, I'm glad you celebrated!)


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