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Monday, November 18, 2013

Throwing the ULTIMATE Harry Potter Party!

On Halloween, my friend Kaden and I threw an epic Harry Potter Party! It was totally awesome! I got pictures of everything. Feel free to use our ideas for your own Harry Potter party, for Birthdays, Halloween, or whatever. This stuff will work for kids or adults.

I'd like to thank my friend Adrian Vanderhoof, who is a photographer, for taking a lot of the pictures.

A boggart takes the form of whatever someone is afraid of, so we just found a scary mask, stuffed it, and hid it in a wardrobe of sorts.


We used TONS of electric candles, and some regular candles, and strung them up with fishing line.

In the kitchen, we created the sky of the Great Hall with black wrapping paper and glowy stars.

One bathroom we decorated like Moaning Myrtle's bathroom--in fact, we even had Moaning Myrtle moaning! We got all the recordings of Myrtle and played them continuously in the bathroom!

Spiders fleeing the from the Basilisk.

The other bathroom we decorated as the Ministry of Magic:


We printed Ministry of Magic letters, made them in paper airplanes (interdepartmental memos) and used fishing line to string them up. 

And of course, we hid the locket in there.

Using black sheets and some other random stuff, we made a dementor. We used two light-up reindeer for patronuses.

We filled a bunch of jars with potions. You can find labels already made by just googling "Harry Potter potions labels." We had about 10 jars of them on the window sill. We used water for veritaserum, a kneaded erasure for a bezoar, and all kinds off mixtures for a bunch of others.

You can order Every Flavor Beans online, but to save on money, we just grabbed a couple of bags of jelly bellys from walmart. You can always order some gross flavors to mix in with it.

I used a candy mold and chocolate chips to make chocolate frogs. We had a bunch of Harry Potter trading cards, so I wrapped them in foil to go with each frog. There was even a holographic in there!

 In addition to a ton of goodies, we served Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice. You can find recipes online. Last time we had a Potter party, we carved out a pumpkin and served the juice out of it. This year, to cut on time, we used cream soda and cream for the butterbeer.

We had people use jars as cups.

We turned our clock into a Weasley clock.

And did a few other things around the house: 

Floo powder by the fire place.

We hid Horcruxes all around and put up this sign asking if people could find all 7.

(see the Hufflepuff cup?)

(The ring is in that triangle case on the far right. And remember, the locket was in the bathroom.) We didn't have Riddle's diary, so we just used a picture of it and put it in Myrtle's bathroom.

We also had tons of Harry Potter games: Scene it, Mystery and Hogwarts, HP Uno, Harry Potter Clue, The Socerer's Stone board game, HP face cards, puzzles, and several more.

Then, we loaded the place with all our Harry Potter stuff:

We hung our pictures from the Harry Potter theme park, along with some other Harry Potter stuff.

We used our leftover trading cards to outline the room. It looked cool.

We had a nice dining room that looked like the Malfoy Manor.

(we also had a recording of the Sorting Hat song playing under the hat!)

In closing, the party was awesome. We had some great costumes. Two people came dressed as Fawkes the Phoenix--who would have thought? And one of them even had a sword and a hat! Our friend looked almost exactly like Umbridge. She even had the locket. Kaden wore an amazing Voldemort costume. We of course had some Hogwarts students. And then we had a Dobby, Bellatrix, Cat-Hermione (after she takes the polyjuice potion with cat hair), Moaning Myrtle (complete with a toilet seat), Muggles, and a dementor. 

Thoughts? Other party ideas? Leave them in the comments!


  1. You have no idea how sad I am that I couldn't be there. It looks AMAZING! Can't wait to hear more about it when I see you next week. ;)

  2. I love the way you did this!!!
    How did you make the potions?
    Can you give me some ingredients?

    1. Thank you!
      We just used all kinds of odds and ends--food coloring, mud, dog food, regular food, sticks, I used a kneaded eraser for the bezoar. Basically whatever you want that you think will look the part. Then we put them in jars and printed off potion labels (you can just find them online).

  3. Just wonderful guide on throwing the ULTIMATE Harry Potter Party! It was way too interesting to see. Actually my son is a fan of Harry Potter and I would be using this theme for his birthday bash that will be hosted at some indoor New York venues.

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